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1. Issue of AOC - This presentation gives step-by-step procedure for grant of AOC and compliance with airworthiness requirements.

2. Continuing Airworthiness - This presentation covers basis for Design criteria, maintenance requirements, company maintenance programme, Defect reporting, defect analysis, compliance with life limits, Structural inspection procedures etc.

3. Record Keeping - Describes ICAO requirements of record keeping, types of records that must be maintained and their retention periods, records of major repairs etc. The presentation also describes the details of evaluation of an AMO for its record keeping procedures.

4. Computerized Records - Includes applicable related requirements and information, security principles, auditing mechanisms, media types etc.

5. Aircraft Leasing - The course is based on the information on aircrat leasing as contained in the Airworthiness Inspector's manual and deals with airworthiness and maintenance related aspects of aircraft leasing.

6. Ramp Checks - Provides guidance for sampling the quality of maintenance and degree of compliance with the operators maintenance procedures in servicing airline aircraft.

7. Airworthiness Audit Training - Provides Inspectors with the knowledge and basic skills to be a member of an engineering audit team. Also contains details of reporting audit findings.

8. Company MMs - This presentation provides guidance for evaluating an operator's maintenance control manual to ensure that the policies, procedures and technical criteria meet ICAO standards and national regulations.

9. Modification and Repairs - Deals with criteria for major and minor repairs, basis for CAA approvals and approval procedures for modifications and repairs including temporary repairs and structural repairs.

10. Type Certification - Provides guidance in the procedure for the issue of type certificate for foreign aircraft types where the automatic acceptance procedures do not apply.

11. Type Acceptance - Provides guidance for the issue of a Type Acceptance Certificate for foreign aircraft types using an automatic acceptance procedure.

12. Standard C of A - Provides guidance and information relating to the issue of Standard Certificate of Airworthiness in particular categories.

13. Human Factors - Deals with factors leading to human error and methods to prevent human error by managing safety systems.

14. Facilities and Equipment - Provides guidance for evaluating a maintenance organization for original certification, change in rating or change in location or facilities.

15. Aircraft Refueling - Provides information on the operator's and fuel vendor's responsibilities with regard to aircraft refueling. Deals with various contaminants, precautions and procedures for refueling.

16. Audit standardization - Introduces model auditing methods and provides guidance for standardization for auditing methods.

17. MMEL/ MEL - Includes ICAO requirements, MMEL and MEL/CDL formats, preamble, approval procedures etc. Also describes repair intervals and training requirements.

18. NDT

19. Reliability Monitoring - Explains ICAO requirements, MSG-2 and 3 logic, Reliability Control systems development, data collection techniques, alert values and applicable maintenance.

20. RVSM Airworthiness approval - Evolution of RVSM requirements, equipment and functional requirements, features of RVSM operation, continued airworthiness, effect on MEL, AOC. Procedure for granting RVSM approvals.

21. Minimum Navigation Performance

22. Basic Area Navigation (BRNAV)


24. Hazardous Materials

25. ETOPS Airworthiness Approval - This course gives a description of airworthiness aspects of ETOPS operations, the Annex 6 requirements, the maintenance actions required including MEL, engine health monitoring etc. Provides guidance for regulatory approval process.

26. Weight and Balance of aircraft - Provides basic information on aircraft weighing procedures and control of aircraft empty weight and compilation of loading data.

27. JAR145 Concepts - Provides guidance on JAR 145 maintenance organization, responsibilities of the AMO, documentation and approval procedures. The presentation is in two parts:

Part 1 - Intro to JAA system
Part 2 - JAR 145 and JAR Ops Subpart M


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