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Member States
Sri Lanka
Executing Agency

International Civil Aviation Organization






The COSCAP-SA Programme is steered by a Steering Committee, comprising the Heads of Civil Aviation Administrations (Chairman or DGCA, as the case may be) of the Member States, the Director of Technical Cooperation Bureau of ICAO or his representative, the ICAO Regional Director or his representative, and the Regional Programme Coordinator, who serves the Committee as the Secretary. Representatives of donor organizations contributing to the Programme who are identified to be "Partners" are also invited to participate at all Steering Committee meetings. In addition, airport and aircraft operators and air traffic service providers of the Member States attend the Steering Committee meetings, on invitation.

The Chairmanship of the Steering Committee is rotated once in two years amongst the Civil Aviation Administration of Member States. The current Chairman of the Steering Committee is the Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh.

Since its establishment in 1997, the COSCAP-SA Programme Office had been operating from Kathmandu. The Programme Office was shifted to Colombo, Sri Lanka on request from Sri Lanka in September, 2005. During the 20th Steering Committee Meeting and on request from Bangladesh, it was decided to shift the office to Dhaka, Bangladesh. The Programme Office is now operating from its own office on the top floor of the CAA, Headquarters building in Dhaka, Bangladesh, constructed by the kind courtesy of the Chairman, Civil Aviation Authority, Bangladesh.

The Steering Committee meets at least once annually, generally in the country of its current Chairman.

The Steering Committee:

a) Monitors and evaluates the Programme activities in the previous year.

b) Formulates policies and priorities for the activities of COSCAP-SA taking into account therequirements of the participating States and the availability of funds,

c) Reviews and approves the annual work programme and the budget of the Programme;

d) Reviews and directs the work of SARAST established under the COSCAP-SA Programme

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