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Member States
Sri Lanka
Executing Agency

International Civil Aviation Organization






Course -1 (Three days)*

A three day course was conducted by the Aerodrome Certification and Safety Training Expert for the seven States of the South Asia Region. The course presentation covered the following topics

· Introduction
· How to Achieve Aerodrome Certification
· Model Air Law
· Model Air Law - Exemptions
· Aerodrome Standards
· Notification of Differences
· Aerodrome Certification
· Aerodrome Certification Procedures Continued
· Safety Management System - Introduction


Course -2 (Five Days)*

A Five-days training course has been designed and conducted by the Regional Aerodrome Certification Safety Expert to educate the staff dealing with aerodrome subjects in the Member States regarding the requirements that should be fulfilled to be compliant with the ICAO standards and recommended practices contained in the ICAO Annex 14 - Vol.I. The following presentation provides details of the topics covered during the course:

· Ch-1 : General

· Ch-2 : Aerodrome Data

· Ch-3 : Physical Charateristics

· Ch-4 : Obstacle Restriction and Revomal

· Ch-5-1 : Markings

· Ch-5-2 : Lights

· Ch-5-3 : Signs

· Ch-6 : Visual Aids for denoting obstacles

· Ch-7 : Visual Aids for denoting Restricted use areas

· Ch-8 : Electrical Systems

· Ch-9 : Aerodrome Operational Service, Equipment and Installations

· Ch-10 : Aerodrome Maintenance

* - The course can be conducted again at the request of Member States


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